Paul Feig´s Ghostbusters 2016 Flops Rally Hard at the Box Office

In the aftermath of all the drama and poor reviews of "Ghostbusters 2016". It has become clear that Paul Feig´s Ghostbusters has flopped really hard at the box office.

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-Foxtrot690d ago


Suck on that you so called "critics"...maybe next time grow a spine and be honest about the film.

We're not idiots.

TGG_overlord690d ago

A friend of mine saw the movie yesterday. Well, he sure wish that he hadn´t spent his money and time on that movie.

Aldous_Snow690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

In the interest of balance. 130 million at the box office (as it stands) against a production budget of 140 million after only a couple of weeks is barely a flop. In the months that follow, once more box office sales, merchandise and blu ray/dvd sales are taken into account. They'll be making a tidy profit.

Yes, the movie is shit in comparison to the originals. But being terrible doesn't make it a flop. Get a grip.

Avatar was abysmal. Hardly a flop.

TGG_overlord690d ago

“A movie like this has to at least get to like $500 million worldwide, and that’s probably low,” he says. “But the thing I care about most is the industry looking for an excuse to say, ‘See, a tentpole can’t be carried by female leads’ ” — three of whom are over 40. “I cashed in all my chips,” he says. “I had to use every chip to make this happen. And if this doesn’t work, I will probably have to go back to movie jail.” - Paul Feig

"Ghostbusters needed 400 million USD to break even"

Aldous_Snow690d ago

Full budget of $144 million doesn't require $400 million to break even. Feig was talkin out his ass

SmielmaN689d ago

At Snow
Was the movie budget 144 mill + advertising? As we know advertising costs just as much as these types of movies budgets. And I know ive seen a boat load of ghostbusters ads/tie ins. $400 mill as a break even is probably close to accurate when you look at total cost.

pompombrum689d ago

Remember cinemas take about half of that money so 130 million is more like 65m for the studio and the budget of 140m doesn't factor in marketing costs which going by how far they went, probably cost a lot too.

ninsigma689d ago

Hear hear to Avatar. Freaking awful movie!

annoyedgamer689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Yea I was sorely disappointing, it was a heavy handed environmentalist narrative with pretty CGI. I wanted a good story but there was little to no thought put into it at all. Which is probably why the sequels are taking so long..the studios are unwilling to shell out the ridiculous amount of cash needed.

NotEvenMyFinalForm689d ago

That is one of those bad movies that somehow made a crap ton of money and got raving reviews too. To this date I still don't understand and 4 more movies are coming... Cameron will die before making Battle Angel Alita. ;(

ninsigma689d ago

I like to refer to it as pocahontas in space. Same story basically. It was terribly predictable too. You're definitely right, no thought at all put in.

moegooner88689d ago

This website always makes me laugh. They try way toooooo hard. Amateurs.

Akira2020689d ago

The film cost roughly $144 million to make and another $100 million in advertising: Total put in for this movie: $244 million!! Good luck with the Shequel.

The 10th Rider689d ago

Well, it was estimated Batman V Superman needed $800,000,000 to break even, after marketing.

Ghostbusters cost $150,000,000 and was marketed pretty heavily...It was on the Weather Channel, Kid's channels, everywhere.

I would be surprised if it needed $500,000,000, like Fieg says, but $400,000,000 isn't outlandish.

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MasterD919690d ago

That's what they get for letting Feig get control of this. He's obsessed with woman comedies. This movie was a disaster even before it got to this trainwreck. There never should have been another Ghostbusters, and there will probably be another one down the line I would imagine despite this.

annoyedgamer689d ago

Those darn sexists! Why did they not flock to see this masterpiece!

NotEvenMyFinalForm689d ago

They basically said that anybody who don't watch the movie or hates it are misogynists. So it seems there's a ton of misogynists out there!

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