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Early Reviews Say Suicide Squad Is Mind Blowing

WGTC writes: Early reviews for Suicide Squad are calling David Ayer's film "mind-blowing."

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Porcelain_Chicken772d ago

OH my god!!! :O Lol. It's really hard to trust any reviews. I never do anyways. I don't need someone to tell me their opinion on something before trying it myself. I'll be the judge of this mind blowing-ness. I do feel like this won't be as convoluted as BvS since Ayer is a more competent filmaker.

Hold_It771d ago


Agreed. I'm hoping The Joker ends up being Tim Drake or another former Robin, rather than just being "The Joker". I think it would make the story more personal and interesting. Hopefully the film ends up at least being a 75/100.

Porcelain_Chicken771d ago

I never really liked that theory personally but I'm open to it if done correctly. I also don't want the first live-action Harley Quinn to be in love with someone who ISN'T the Joker and is just an impersonator.

dauntingpixel771d ago

should probably ignore most/all of what comes from this site. they post news and claim it for themselves all the time. this is probably fake information.

MasterD919771d ago

The metallic teeth don't go too well with that theory considering Batman busted up the real Joker's teeth after killing an earlier Robin...

Zorkaz771d ago

Same here, but you can't deny that when critics like something, it's often a great sign!

Porcelain_Chicken771d ago

Sometimes I disagree with reviews though! XD Personally I loved Man of Steel but the reviews were really mixed. It's hard to know which reviews to trust! I hope you're right though! I want this to be amazing!

Septic770d ago

Someone disagrees! You're obviously a DC fanboy sheesh

StarWarsFan771d ago

We'll see. Critics sometimes get excited over nothing or the wrong thing.

Christopher771d ago

Meh. I think the only mind-blowing thing about it will be it's no the usual Marvel/DC movie. Critics saw what happened with Deadpool and are waiting on the next thing like it to spread praise everywhere, IMHO.

big_dom_returns771d ago

Hmm, and critics also said that Boyhood was a once in a lifetime film. I also remember the so called early reviews of Batman V Superman and look how that turd turned out.

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