Ghostbusters Trailer Will Slime You


Sony Pictures has released a brand new Ghostbusters trailer that features tons of new footage (and ghosts!) from the upcoming summer reboot.

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dauntingpixel792d ago

i'm filled with so much hate on this. the only thing i like are the effects.

-Foxtrot791d ago

Even the effects are poor. It has nothing on the Taxi Driver or the Library Ghost in the original films. They were scary looking and more grounded looking.

It's like the ghosts of Luigis Mansion escaped

dauntingpixel791d ago

it is a little more cartoony i don't disagree with you on that front but i don't hate the look of the ghosts. i hate hte casting choices and the blatant ripping off of so many ideas from the original movie.

pompombrum791d ago (Edited 791d ago )

Honestly, the movie doesn't look THAT bad.. it's just the jokes, they're just terrible, try hard and generic. The best thing Sony could do at this point is release a third trailer and completely cutting out all the bad jokes and focus on the more serious plot.

Aldous_Snow790d ago

All fans of the franchise feel slimed. They just can't make water hot enough to clean it off.

alycakes790d ago

I don't like remaking movies anyway. Most of them disappoint but turn out okay but I will have to agree with you on this one that it doesn't look good enough to waste my money on. I don't go by critics or what anyone else says but I go by my own instincts when I see the trailers and I didn't care for this one at all.

dota2champion790d ago

Trailer is definitely better than the first and it's still getting a lot of negativity from the internet. this looks like it will flop at the box office with all the backlash, maybe Sony should just released it on digital

subtenko790d ago

thought the movie was already out....

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