Star Wars Episode 8 - Details Revealed

GameSpace team presents the videos, where StarWars HeadQuaters revealed a few details about the Star Wars Episode 8. These videos contain SPOILERS, beware! The next Star Wars episode hits cinemas in 2017, on December 15th.

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Aldous_Snow795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

Episode 7 was incredibly boring. The big bad Han Solos kid whose name I forget was beyond underwhelming. Only interesting bit was the bigger bad Snoke but he was just a hologram. Just like Eastenders, everyone seems to be related to each other. Overhyped rubbish. The originals from the 70s/80s were a billion times better.

Highlife795d ago

Completely disagree I enjoyed the movie. Nostalgia is overhyped the old movies were great but they don't diminish this one.

RufustheKing794d ago

Sadly episode 7 was boring. A carbon copy of episode 4. God the prequals are starting to look good.

leela49794d ago

it wasn's that bad, it's like a modern interpretation of the first trilogy. sort of. a loved the 7th in general because the crew did a good job. but there's more sense in the 5-7 episodes. they're more atmospheric