Original Spider-Man Tobey Maguire Officially Passes The Torch To Marvel's New 'Spidey' Tom Holland


In a funny Instagram post, Tobey Maguire, star of the original Spider-Man trilogy, has officially passed the torch and given his seal of approval to Tom Holland's take on the beloved wall-crawler.

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Soldierone798d ago

I honestly missed Garfield the entire time I was watching it. The new Spider-Man "humor" was extremely forced with the same one liner for 3 separate jokes. If Marvel would have just worked with Sony and included their movies it would have made more sense to go after him and not Daredevil...

s45gr32798d ago

You forgot that the new spider man is a garbage diver which really pisses me off.

NotEvenMyFinalForm798d ago

eeewww. Garfield is the most boring and angsty Spiderman to date. There are many reasons why those movies failed and he's one of them.

Nitrowolf2798d ago

i thought he was an alright spiderman TBH, the movies were just trash and the series in general with the direction they decided to go with was trash (i'm talkign the video game, which i believe were canon)

I mean, how do you take such iconic characters lke the rhino change them like that

ninsigma798d ago

Yeah I really wanted them to use Garfields spiderman for MCU. I was happy enough with the new guy though. We'll see him properly in his own movie and see how good he is.

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s45gr32798d ago

Toby McGuire is by far the best spider man

Fatal-Aim798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Tobey as Spider-Man was incredibly BORING. The Peter Parker NERD he played well. I thought he did too much crying over Mary Jane, though. And as Spider-Man, he was waaaaaaay too serious. Garfield did a phenomenal job as Spider-Man but way too hip as Peter Parker.

Bobafret798d ago

Garfield was awful for that role, plus he was far too old.

cell989798d ago

Where Tom nails both parts very well. You're ludicrous if you don't think this is the best spiderman yet. Read the original Spiderman comics, hell just read a spiderman comic and you'll understand why this spiderman is the closest version we've ever had