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What James Bond Mythology Tells Us About Spectre


“You came across me so many times, but you never saw me,” Christoph Waltz remarks in James Bond’s latest film, Spectre. Waltz’s character, Oberhauser, lives in the shadows, and if Waltz is asked about the mystery that surrounds him or Spectre (the evil organization he controls), he won’t give a straight answer (trust us, we’ve tried). Waltz won’t even acknowledge that his character is a villain, even though he is the villain of all villains in James Bond’s mythology. Sorry Goldfinger, but 007 has the longest history of clashing with Spectre. At long last, this film marks the return of this oh-so-secretive evil organization, which has been absent for several decades from Bond’s films due to a legal struggle for rights between MGM and holding company Danjaq. After digging into James Bond’s mythology, let’s see what it can tell us about the current film Spectre. Also, we chat with Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz about its future within the film series.

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