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The Peanuts Movie Review - AVClub

AVClub: The Peanuts Movie opens with a scene not dissimilar from the beginning of A Boy Named Charlie Brown, the feature that first brought Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip to the big screen back in 1969. In both movies, Charlie Brown sets out to fly a kite and fails; the chief difference is that in The Peanuts Movie, perhaps trying to mimic the appeal of the beloved Charlie Brown Christmas special, he’s flying his kite during the winter months. That’s the Peanuts adaptation challenge in a nutshell: There is both a wealth of material to pull from (baseball, football, camp, the Great Pumpkin, uncomfortable crushes, Snoopy’s fantasies), and the difficulty of picking and choosing which bits of lore to assemble into a larger narrative—especially considering how much has already been strip-mined by movies, specials, a stage musical, and the endlessly cycled strips themselves. Every new adaptation is the softest of reboots.

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Have to wait a month to see this :(