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Honest Teaser For The Force Awakens Reminds Us of the Prequel Disasters

EB: Screen Junkies has released a new type of honest trailer bit for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its Honest Teaser spinoff.

Rather than featuring the iconic narrator, this honest teaser for The Force Awakens’ latest trailer dubs in lines over top of the ones spoken by the cast, and most of them are digs at the prequel films.

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WizzroSupreme984d ago

Well, the franchise has nowhere to go but up.

OJSoFunky984d ago

Stop dwelling on the prequels! Lets look forward to the new oneeee

aDDicteD979d ago

Very funny, I can say that this film does not resemble the sequels you can easily notice that the tone and how it is directed is more artistic and grander, it will absolutely bring the franchise back to the top.