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Mackie Promises "Captain America: Civil War" Is Relevant To Modern Political Climate


Before suiting back up as the Falcon as part of the new Avengers, Anthony Mackie became a member of another super-team: the A-list ensemble of the politically charged film "Our Brand Is Crisis," whose ranks included stars Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton and executive producer George Clooney. And politics have been at the core of several of Mackie's projects of late, from his upcoming turn as Martin Luther King, Jr., to, as he explains to CBR, "Captain America: Civil War."

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OJSoFunky987d ago

So hyped for Cap 3, even better if it relates to the real world, that was what was great about Cap 2

WizzroSupreme987d ago

It sure is – at least, as far as Fox News is concerned.