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Additional Photography For Deadpool With Reynolds Filming From Today to Nov8th in Metro Vancouver

YVR Shoots: Deadpool is back in metro Vancouver for additional photography for a little more than a week — from today until November 8th. Star Ryan Reynolds is already here, mourning the death of his father James C. Reynolds on Wednesday.

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WizzroSupreme990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Hmm, reshooting a few scenes or revising them altogether? We've been through this with Fox before. *Fantastic Four, cough*

HRoach616990d ago

Most movies of this size have reshoots. They are scheduled in with original film times. They can be from anything to an extra being in the wrong place, to a scene not playing out how it was envisioned.

Could be something, could be nothing. I'm betting run of thr mill stuff till something concrete comes up. Everything has been going well with this project so far.

OJSoFunky990d ago

No big deal, reshoots happen often on big budget movies.