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Harrison Ford Talks 'Star Wars,' Plane Crash: "I Remember the Engine Stopping"


Harrison Ford got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as "a dog in a hotdog suit" for his visit on Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The veteran Star Wars actor was welcomed to the stage by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, bedecked in a Princess Leia costume complete with side buns, and told Ford, "I'm your lover. You don't remember me from the '70s? We had quite a thing."

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RetrospectRealm990d ago

Is that part of some kind of act Harrison is doing to be funny or does he actually act slow and weird in real life? I feel like it's kind of both.

WizzroSupreme990d ago

Guy's gotta stop piloting vehicles older than him. Losing Han Solo and a bunch of bystanders in Santa Monica wouldn't have been a fantastic way to open a new trilogy.

OJSoFunky990d ago

Harrison Ford is the man! Hope he keeps going forever!