Supergirl Premiere: 12 Easter Eggs You Missed


Forget added bonuses or extra bits of trivia for devoted fans – these days, a comic book adaptation on film or TV simply must include plenty of easter eggs and nods to the original comics to get a passing grade. And with the series premiere of Supergirl now aired, we can say it certainly didn’t disappoint. The CBS series will be making some significant changes to the accepted Superman mythology, but that doesn’t mean they forget to pay homage to the creators, writers and artists who helped Supergirl find her way in the DC Universe.

There’s a good chance that even eagle-eyed fans may have missed one or two of the DC Comics easter eggs scattered throughout the pilot episode (considering the rest of the action taking place), but our list of easter eggs should be just as entertaining to casual viewers. And if you feel like a second viewing of the premiere is in order, then there’s no better excuse!

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WizzroSupreme968d ago

Wonder if Carol Danvers exists in this continuity and a Green Lantern shows up at some point with Mr. and Mrs. Danvers exist.

RetrospectRealm968d ago

Kryptonian clothing? How the hell was I going to miss that? Or any of these to be honest? Dumb article.