Suicide Squad: Jared Leto Talks About 'The Joker' For The First Time; New Character Details


Jared Leto talks here for the very first time about playing The Joker in Suicide Squad, revealing more about how he tormented his fellow cast mates and why the role was like, "giving birth out of my pr**k hole." We also have some surprising new details about the villain...

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Porcelain_Chicken998d ago

Crazy lol. Sounds like he went all out. I have a feeling it's gonna be pretty good! Can't wait! :D

Stringerbell997d ago

Same, Leto's a great actor cant wait to see his take on the Joker.

WizzroSupreme996d ago

Jared Leto's just gonna kill it in this role, I know it.

RetrospectRealm996d ago

He's got SUPER BIG shoes to fill. I think he'll do great but won't compare to Heath Ledger.

-Foxtrot995d ago

The hype is going to kill him

Heath had none and expectations were low, mostly because silly young fans saw his last film was Brokeback Mountain.

They've talked so much about the film and his character, along with the ugly design choice they've went for in the film that the hype will be it's downfall

RetrospectRealm994d ago

@Foxtrot It won't let me reply to you for some reason. You're right. Nicholson was great but he was 20 years before Ledger. Ledger really had nothing going for him so it was all in his favor to blow it out of the park.