‘Batman V Superman’ Script Changed When Jesse Eisenberg Got Cast As Lex Luthor

Batman-News: The December issue of Total Film has some interesting new info about Jesse Eisenberg’s role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Eisenberg had originally met with Zack Snyder about a different role in the movie. Snyder said he had been meeting with “the usual suspects that you’d imagine for Lex”… meaning someone older. Warner Bros. was interested in Joaquin Phoenix, for example. But once Eisenberg was cast as Luthor, screenwriter Chris Terrio tweaked the script to better suit a younger version of the character.

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-Foxtrot998d ago

"Damn guys we need to change Lex's character where he's less emotional and fierce"

Aldous_Snow998d ago

Never liked this guy in anything. Hate that smug, yet nerdy look he always carries.

-Foxtrot998d ago

Smug and Nerdy are basically all he can do acting wise

Nerdy - 30 Minutes or Less, Zombieland, Adventure Land

Arrogant and smug - Now you see me, the Social Network, The Double etc

You can take all his roles and put them in these two categories

RetrospectRealm996d ago

I'm with you on that, EXCEPT for The Social Network. That is like a 9.9999999999999/10 film.

WizzroSupreme996d ago

Lex should just be some internet troll that spams the Daily Planet online. Perfect 21st-century Lex Luthor.