'The Last Witch Hunter': Film Review - THR

THR: Vin Diesel stars in this fantasy-action extravaganza as an immortal warrior battling witches and warlocks in contemporary New York.

Clearly aiming to be the first chapter in a big-budget action franchise, Vin Diesel's latest star vehicle is a $90 million supernatural thriller which proves to be as good as it needs to be, but no more. The Last Witch Hunter methodically ticks a checklist of fan-friendly boxes, from its heavy dependence on visual effects to its international cast of fantasy genre veterans including Michael Caine, Elijah Wood and Game of Thrones alumni Rose Leslie. Producing as well as starring, the 47-year-old Diesel casts himself in an indestructible hero whose immortal bad-ass status recalls previous blockbuster folklore reboots like Highlander, Blade and Underworld. If there's something evil in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Witch Hunter!

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