Zack Snyder to 411: “Batman V Superman Makes the DC Film Universe Possible”

411 Mania: On October 21, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that the late Bob Kane, the creator of the legendary DC comic book superhero Batman, was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with his own dedicated star on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Guinness World Records Museum. His star is actually located right next to actor Adam West, star of the popular 1960s live-action Batman TV series. One of the guest speakers for the ceremony happened to be director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Watchmen, 300), who is currently hard at work on the new film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will reintroduce the character of Batman to moviegoers around the world with Ben Affleck stepping into the cape and cowl. The new Batmobile was also on display for the ceremony.

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