Mark Ruffalo Wants To See Bruce Banner And Hulk Face-Off On Screen

Huffington Post

Mark Ruffalo is about to blow your mind.

While chatting with The Huffington Post at GQ's The Gentlemen's Fund Awards in NYC on Thursday, the actor dropped a bomb that will make Marvel fans squeal with delight. Ruffalo, who, of course, plays Bruce Banner/Hulk in the "Avengers" movies, is set to appear in "Thor: Ragnarok" and might even give audiences the chance to see something they never thought possible: The separation of Banner and Hulk.

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WizzroSupreme992d ago

That would be epic, but they'd be better off keeping it brief just to let Bruce survive.

RetrospectRealm992d ago

In a solo Hulk film maybe. Wouldn't be my first choice of a Hulk storyline though.