The A.V. Club | 'Bone Tomahawk' Review

The A.V. Club

S. Craig Zahler’s horror-Western hybrid Bone Tomahawk is a strange movie, one that might take more than one watch to fully understand. Not that it’s deliberately obscure, or has a plot too complicated to follow the first time around. It’s actually a pretty straightforward film, albeit one filled with eccentric choices: quirky Tarantino-esque monologues delivered in formal period speech; slow, rambling scenes punctuated with extreme gore; antagonists that could be read as racist caricatures, except the movie bends over backward to assure you they’re not; and, to cap it all off, an operatic theme song that lays out the plot, Gilligan’s Island-style.

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OJSoFunky997d ago

Films looks cool, getting decent reviews so i'll definitely see it when it comes out in the UK

WizzroSupreme995d ago

Can't wait for Kurt Russell to kick some butt in the Hateful Eight too!