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Comic Book | 'Steve Jobs' Review


Only two years after the much maligned Jobs biopic, some of Hollywood’s top talent is taking another crack at Apple’s (in)famous CEO Steve Jobs. Director Danny Boyle has teamed with writer Aaron Sorkin to explore the complexities of Jobs as a businessman, inventor, friend, and father. Together they structure and tell the story in a way that manages to avoid many common biopic pitfalls. Steve Jobs always feels and reads like a movie, one filled with its own energy not just that co-opted from reality, even if it does manage to almost undo itself in the final minutes of the film.

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WizzroSupreme992d ago

Steve Jobs is how you direct a movie. Kudos to Danny Boyle once again.

RetrospectRealm991d ago

Not gonna lie, I would've much preferred a Fincher version. Boyle's direction in this was pretty bland. I realize he had just wall to wall dialogue but he would insert random flourishes of style into it that just seemed so out of left field and felt very awkward. The acting and writing is really what carried this film.