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Ranking The Bonds: From 007 To 001

WOW247: "It’s a topic that endlessly rages in the world of cinema: who is the best Bond? Everyone has their favourite version of the legendary secret agent.

"With all the furore surrounding Spectre, the latest escapade of the womanising spy, we thought we’d put the question to bed once and for all by systematically ranking all of the James Bond actors throughout history, using a very complicated decision making program (we say that, but it’s basically down to who we reckon is the coolest)."

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-Foxtrot997d ago

"See that face that Daniel Craig is pulling there? Well, we’re pretty sure that’s just his default face for every emotion, as his generation of Bond has that face at least 90% of the time he’s on screen"

Lol. Couldn't agree more.

Craig isn't very Bond-like in my opinion. Casino Royale, while a good film came off more like a Jason Bourne film with how much of a brute Bond was in the film despite the fact he's supposed to be less experienced.

Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond after Sean Connery

SouthClaw996d ago

Brosnan will always be my bond as that is the one I grew up on. Connery is second as he is a classic bond.