Apart from EIris Elba, Which 4 Actors Could Take on Bond?

We have some candidates in mind who could step into James Bond's stylish shoes.

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MWH96d ago

Henry Cavill a.k.a. Superman

PhantomS4295d ago

Ew, He's terrible. Can't act worth shit and has no class. Plus I don't want Bond to be a whiny crybaby like Cavill is doing to Superman.

bobtheimpaler95d ago

He's amazing. Made Superman, nuanced and relatable. He can totally be Bond as well. Sorry you don't seem to understand emotional complexity.

PhantomS4295d ago


Relateable XD Just go back to your basement. Superman is NOT supposed to be emo and edgelord. He is supposed to be a symbol of the best we can be and want to strive to be. Not a mass murdering, egotistical, crybaby.

bobtheimpaler95d ago

@Phantom Bwahahaha whatever, you clearly didn't pay attention. If you read the comics, you would have seen that character arch before.

Where was he a mass murderer? Did you watch the films or are just another brainless tool unable to think for yourself? How old are you? You seem to have the comprehension skills of a 5 year old which would then explain everything.

You just wanted something simple and spoon fed to you.

HRoach61693d ago

You realize he didnt write the script or story for those movies right? That’s the producers and directors call on the type of character he’s going to be.
I think he’s a good actor. Not right for bond imo but that’s neither here nor there.
Watch him in other movies. He can act. It’s not his fault what should have been a career defining role for him turned into a bit of a joke.

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alb189995d ago

He is too muscular. Nope.

gunnerforlife96d ago

Loooll how can I read an article when you can't even spell Idris Elba

ZombieKiller96d ago

Seriously, all it takes is a quick google search to see how it's spelled.

Oddmania96d ago

In my opinion, Orlando Boom and June Law are very long shots, but Mickael Bassfender and Dom Higginston are good bets.

staticall95d ago

Let's not forget about other good actor from Titenic: Lemonado Del Capriono

MWH92d ago

Whatever that stuff you're having, pass it on.