The Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster is Here

From Cinelinx:

As predicted, Lucasfilm and Disney have revealed the all new theatrical poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, ahead of a new trailer coming tomorrow night!

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darklordzor945d ago

Oh God, I love this poster so much. Leia, Maz, and the Starkilller Base weapon! So much to love. Very telling that Rey is front and center.

Porcelain_Chicken945d ago (Edited 945d ago )


That's intriguing to be honest. I'm sure there's a reason. I highly doubt they just forgot.

scark92944d ago

I am sure you will find him if you... Luke closer!!! BAHH!

It would have been cooler if they did artwork of this instead.

RetrospectRealm945d ago

Super cool poster. Rey looks like she's just straight up holding a lightsaber by the blade at first glance. Lol

RJ92009945d ago

Like father like son..... it's obvious that Luke is the bad guy hell they give a hint in ep5.. you know that cave were he kills Vader and it's him? Yeah that's his future.

gunnerforlife945d ago

funny enough... i was thinking he is the sith in the poster... but then again thats so boring having both father and son turning into a sith?

RJ92009945d ago

It was bound to happen there needed to be balance in the force. Also maybe he still good but in a dark way?

RetrospectRealm945d ago

Are you trying to say he'll take up the Vader name? No way that happens. I also do think no matter what he will end up as a good guy.

masterfox945d ago

seriously that girl and that black guy are so tasteless and uninspiring, damn this producers didn't look they even try to do an effort on casting those two, there are bunch of other girls and black guys more originals than those two.

Still lets see how the movie holds up.

-Foxtrot944d ago

The girl is fine, although I wish the other guy was like Landos son instead and Domhnall Gleeson took his role instead of the bad guy he's playing

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The story is too old to be commented.