We Got This Covered | 'Crimson Peak' Review

We Got This Covered

Some of you will, and are, going gaga over Crimson Peak, and I wholly understand why. Guillermo del Toro is a gifted craftsman, manipulating both sight and words with his fantastical creativity, but what we have here is a passion project about a house – and only a house. His characters offer very little to invest in, playing out a narrative that’s decipherable from a mere twenty minutes worth of storytelling, but, if you’re watching Crimson Peak for structural pornography with a Gothic twist, then you’ll be salivating over del Toro’s master construction. It’s easy to get swept-up by Hiddleston’s gentlemanly charms, or the few spurts of blood that come rushing out at random, but the director has done better, can do better, and dammit, from someone so vastly talented, I demand better.

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