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Pan (2015) Review - Screenhall

Screenhall - Pan feels like a movie that was rushed to release. I think this movie needs another six months where elements of the story can be reviewed and reworked and special effects can be polished. I can tolerate a movie being awful as long as it stands by its guns and commits to its decision. This movie doesn’t have the will or the fortitude to commit to a style and offers you nothing. It isn’t a fine addition to the wonder and spectacle that is Peter Pan and definitely not worth watching, in this life or the next.

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WizzroSupreme976d ago

It does indeed. Or rather, it felt like a film that didn't know what to do other than cast Hugh Jackman as a pirate.

RetrospectRealm976d ago

Did you actually see the film? I feel like you only saw the trailer and read the first line of this review.

OJSoFunky976d ago

Good review, its getting a ton of bad press, shame, thought it'd be alrightt.

gambitconian975d ago

Exactly I was looking forward to it at first as well