‘Manglehorn’ Trailer – Another Al Pacino One Man Show

Gambitcon - eclusive small town locksmith Angelo Manglehorn has never quite recovered from losing the love of his life, Clara. Fixated on her memory, he feels closer to his beloved cat than the people around him and prefers to find comfort in his work and daily routine. Still, he forges on with his tenuous human connections, maintaining intermittent contact with his son, taking misplaced pride in a former protégé gone astray, and establishing a cautious friendship with a kindhearted woman from the local bank. As this solitary man approaches the possibility of new love, he finds himself at a crossroads between remaining consumed by the past and embracing the present.

Having loved David Gordon Green’s previous work – Prince Avalanche, Joe and yes, Pineapple Express – I have faith in anything this man will bring into theaters. It might not seem as such an original material but Pacino isn’t that kind of an actor who would just take an offer just to grab the paycheck, so that always fills me with hope of seeing a good film.

What I take away from the trailer is that perhaps sometimes for some people it takes longer to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Manglehorn opens June 19.

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