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Box Office: San Andreas Shakes Off Expectations with $53.2 Million Debut

In terms of summer box office openings, it’s not exactly “the big one.” But with an estimated $53.2 million from 3,777 locations, San Andreas did wind up topping industry expectations by a significant margin. Up until last night, Warner Bros.’ earthquake disaster pic was expected to open in the $45 million range – already high enough to make it the biggest debut for star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson outside of the Fast and Furious franchise. But thanks to a 13% jump from Friday to Saturday, San Andreas did not just set a new benchmark for The Rock, it also blew past the final domestic total of Warner Bros.’ last disaster release, 2014’s Into the Storm, in just three days.

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alycakes1297d ago

That's good but I don't know that I'll go see it

MilkMan1296d ago

This movie looks dumb and just cause the Rock is in it don't make it any less dumb. At least we know where two thirds of the Fast and Furious money comes from.
Cause these disaster movies have been around for ages and the king of disaster-porn of all time is Roland Emmerich followed closely by Michael Bay.

FatMovieGuy1296d ago

Too bad that's not a pic of San Andreas. It's a pic from Fast 5.