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Is It Just Me?... Or is The Shining not Scary?

TF: In our regular polarising-opinion series, Total Film writer Matt Glasby asks, is it just me? … or is The Shining not scary?

Stanley Kubrick’s much-praised but Razzie-nominated chiller is beautifully shot, eye-catchingly acted (young Danny Lloyd is brilliant) and contains many iconic moments.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31595d ago

For a guy who is supposedly a writer on a film site I can't help but question the authors film knowledge. At one point he criticizes the film for not having enough jump scares, the cheapest parlor trick in horror filmmaking. The overwhelming sense of dread and all around eeriness is what really sets The Shining apart from the myriad of haunted house movies released in the 70s. It's the reason we are still talking about The Shining today while movies like The Amytiville House and Burnt Offerings fade into obscurity.