First Reactions to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Very Positive


According to Tweets of some Twitter Users, the upcoming TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES will satisfy the audience.

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darklordzor1600d ago

I'm hitting the press screening early next week, and I'm crossing my fingers!

Crazay1600d ago

That'll be awesome. Looking forward to your thoughts.

-Foxtrot1600d ago

So we're basing it off a few people from Twitter who's comments seem to be cherry picked. You could do that for anything.

KingPin1600d ago

been reading your comments about this movie ever since it was announced and you are so convinced its absolute horse shit lol do you know something we dont?

maybe there are people who enjoyed it, what if i told you i seen 2 out of the 3 trailers and like what i seen. i like the modern update the turtles got, nostrils and all. the style of them is pretty cool too.

fox as o'neal may be a crappy casting choice, agreed, but with the new elements like the new look, theme, style, maybe fox fits in. who knows.

tell you what, instead of down talking the movie based on assumptions and random bits off the internet, why not watch it yourself and then give us a full run down of why you thought it was utter dog shit.

as for cherry picked reviews, name one movie (2000 onwards) which never had any bad reviews. even if a movie was positively rated by 75% of people, you could say its cherry picked coz why did they leave out the negative reviews altogether.

just saying

ironfist921600d ago

He's always like that, best to ignore him.

Im personally warming up to the film, and it actually looks like fun. Im hoping they get the strong relationship across the brothers down really well, combined with epic action sequences, and shredder looks badass too.

And as for the designs, its hard to make realistic looking humanoid turtles, but they did the best anyone couldve done.

I have hopes for this one.

-Foxtrot1599d ago

Because it looks like absolute horse shit, just like Transformers. No story, no development, just big explosions and CGI crap.


Great because I usually ignore you aswell

KingPin1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

well 2 things id like to bring up

1) you say theres no story, no development
well, it will have a story but a not a very deep one though, i mean come on, its the turtles, even the tv series didn't have much of a deep story. (im talking about the original cartoons). another reason is, you ever watched those trailers that ruined movie completely, warrior (2011), comes to mind. maybe that's something they trying to avoid.

2) you judging an entire movie from a 3 minute trailer. correct me if im wrong here, but i can remember you, along with many others including myself, complaining when we all thought William Fichtner was the shredder and we all went on to say that he wasnt asian etc etc...remember that? turns out fichtner isnt the shredder after all. we were all misguided by the trailer so maybe we misguided about other things too.

all im saying is instead of moaning and judging a complete movie over what you seen, just give it a chance. im not saying have high hopes its going to be the best movie of 2014, but have a lil that it wont suck as bad as half the shiz that gets released. you dont have to see it day one either, you could wait for the reviews before deciding if its worth your cash or not.

edit @ironfist
its rude to ignore people because of their opinions. sometimes getting to know what the other half thinks may change your thinking as well. maybe your opinions can change their minds. just saying...oh ignoring trolls is something different though. lol