Comic-Con Bombshell: WB Wants ‘Batman V Superman’ Scribe Chris Terrio For ‘Justice League’

Deadline: Warner Bros hosts its Comic-Con panel tomorrow morning where Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is expected to be front and center, but here’s a morsel to nibble on today.

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-Foxtrot1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Don't really see how this is big news....I mean Bombshell? Not really

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1603d ago

Chris Terrio means no David S. Goyer... Which is good. Really good. The future of the DCCU rests on JL's success. And removing Goyer was a great move in success's direction. So yes, BIG NEWS! :D

Anthotis1602d ago


David Goyer is absolutely worthless.

colonel1791602d ago

Chris Terrio bombshell? No. No David Goyer bombshell? Hell Yes!

R6ex1601d ago

batman is a mere mortal while Superman is a "God". Superman can spin the earth around but batman isn't anywhere near as powerful ... so where's the "versus"?

boing11601d ago

Batman has kryptonite.

IRetrouk1601d ago

Go and watch batman v superman the animated movie, then you will see where the vs is lol

Soldierone1601d ago

Batman is smart and can figure out a weakness rather fast. Just leave it at that for the battle.

And it isn't so much as a "VS" thing, it's about them actually coming together. They just don't agree on how things are done.

Soldierone1601d ago

Superman isn't "dumb" he just isn't aware like Batman is.

Batman constantly sits there and looks for a weakness non-stop before even jumping into battle with Batman. Like usual, Batman has 50 different solutions for 1 thing.

Also don't forget Batman is an investigator before anything. Superman is not.

GenericNameHere1601d ago

Just thinking of Batman as a nerd. A buff and rich ultra nerd able to take on a god.

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Empire X1601d ago

I agree with R6ex, and I have watched the animated movie. I have always thought it was silly to have them fight each other. Even with kryptonite Superman still has the upper hand. I mean it would only take a second to knock Batman out.

Soldierone1601d ago

Technically speaking you could say that about any Superman villain too. Lex Luthor SHOULD be way easier than Batman, yet he is the nemesis of Superman.

It comes down to writing and toning down Superman enough to make it fun. I mean you toss out the idea of the two fighting, but you forget Superman/Batman isn't real to begin with?

Writing wise, Superman doesn't even know Batman is there and thus he allows Batman to learn more about him. When they do eventually "fight" Batman has enough information to give himself an upper hand in some regard.