Roberto Orci Off Amazing Spider-Man Franchise, No Clear Timeline for TASM 3, Venom, Or Sinister Six


Writing and producing team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Transformers, Star Trek, The Amazing Spider-Man, Sleepy Hollow and more) had an amicable split earlier this year, with each half of the team headed off to pursue their individual interests. Kurtzman is set to direct Venom for Sony and remain actively attached to the expanding The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, while Orci will put his energies into Star Trek 3, which he will in all likelihood direct once a script is approved, as previously reported.

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WizzroSupreme1616d ago

The film's probably better off with Orci anyway. Sci-fi is more his game, and The Amazing Spider-man 2 got almost too ridiculous at times to take as seriously as the direction meant it to be.

Deadpoolio1615d ago

You know he wrote the 1st 2 star trek movies correct? The ones everyone cries about and hates supposedly

-Foxtrot1616d ago

Just do the third film and end it...seriously trying to create this huge universe like the Marvel films just off Spiderman is silly.

I want them to leave it for a while and come back to it with an older, more run down Peter Parker.

5upreMe1615d ago Show
Hergula1615d ago

Who approved this? I mean the name is clearly spelled wrong in the title.

I need to start approving more myself, seems like a lot of you just let anything pass, smh, that's being disrespectful towards Newsboiler.

calis1614d ago

They probably need a better writing team.