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New Star Wars: Episode VII Set Images


Check out a new batch of Star Wars: Episode VII set images that have hit the net.

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darklordzor1476d ago

Meh, nothing too new here. These are basically the same ones we saw, only lacking the TMZ watermark. Not really complaining, I just just hoping for more!

Crazay1476d ago ShowReplies(2)
Garethvk1476d ago

Saw those on TMZ a month ago.

Geekman1476d ago

Interesting storyline. Apparently the Jedi hunters are trying to revive the Sith. Do those idiots know the Sith are gonna end up turning on them?

blue_cheese1476d ago

well thats just a rumor, but yeah it does sound interesting. also the sith aren't inherently that bad, Count Dooku was a Sith but only because he disagreed with the Republic's ideals and the Jedi Order, he wasn't out to exterminate everything. Same with Palpatine, he was a Sith Lord, but his goal was absolute power and control, not killing everyone or destroying the galaxy. Sith might not be a s trustworthy as Jedi, but I'm not so sure they're willing to turn on everyone, doub crossing a betrayel is just part of the Sith's ways.

MysticStrummer1476d ago

After the last three movies I have no excitement for new ones, but I still hope they turn out to be good.

blue_cheese1476d ago

well Star Wars The Clone Wars was a great TV show, and Star Wars Rebels look good as well, so i think the new films have a good chance of being good films. the prequels were bad largely in part to bad film making practices by Lucas and the studio, most films would turn out bad if they practiced the same disorganization and rushed job that Lucas and his studio did with the prequels.

Scumdog1476d ago

MysticStrummer is right on, while most of us want to see great sci-fi movies made from our precious's - our favorite old IP's, it sadly is all over for Star Wars, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & comic book movies. It's a real shame the fix is so easy to see, make the shetty PG-13 waste for the stupid kids & dumb@ss adults & then make a more vicious - big boy version, rated R - gory & use little to no CGI - only where it should be, make that version of the universe too.

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