The Playlist Review: 'Tammy'

The Playlist:
The marketing campaign for "Tammy," the new Melissa McCarthy comedy, has always been somewhat baffling. Instead of a straight-up teaser, Warner Bros. chose to release a snippet of a single scene, where McCarthy's titular character was robbing a greasy fast food restaurant. It was funny enough, but it didn't get you any closer to understanding what the movie was actually about. The fact that this elliptical teaser was the cornerstone of the entire promotional campaign did, however, tell you something: that if anyone understood what the actual movie consisted of, they'd probably stay away in droves. Because "Tammy" is a boring, unfunny road movie that limps along idly, consisting of a string of nonsensical set pieces and halfhearted stabs at character development that come across as off-putting and odd. As soon as our screening ended, a woman behind us sighed and said, "That was uncomfortable." We couldn't agree more.

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