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Transformers: Age of Extinction Review | Entertainment Buddha

Michael Bay’s fourth Transformers film is now in theaters, but this time around he doesn’t have his trusty lead Shia Labeouf to guide movie fans through its near 3-hour long plot, which is filled with more disjointed robot action than a Japanese robotics factory. Bay had to call upon Mark Wahlberg (Cade Yeager) to fill the shoes of Labeouf, as well as a few other leads to flesh out the cast such as Nicola Peltz (Tessa Yeager), Jack Reynor (Shane Dyson), Kelsey Grammar (Harold Attinger), and Stanley Tucci (Joshua Joyce). With all of this Hollywood talent in tow, and a shooting budget the size of a small country’s GDP, one would expect that Age of Extinction should be the best Transformers film to date, but that’s just not the case, and it may end up being the nail in the franchise’s coffin, or at least Bay’s tenure with it.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1484d ago

Definitely a major let down. Too much going on, not enough character development, and the action is a cluster.