Breck Eisner Out For ‘Karate Kid 2′ As Sony, Overbrook Hire New Scripting Duo

From Deadline:

Sony and Will Smith‘s Overbrook Entertainment have hired screenwriting team Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer to write Karate Kid 2, which now has an empty director’s chair as Breck Eisner has exited due to conflicting schedules.

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darklordzor1458d ago

I think I'd be perfectly fine if this movie doesn't happen.

-Foxtrot1458d ago

Yeah, don't see why they are pushing this.

I mean Jaden Smith....come on, he's a terrible actor latching onto his dads success. Least Will Smith earned his success

darklordzor1458d ago

Agreed. While I didn't hate the first one they did, I didn't quite see the point of it either.

hkgamer1458d ago

dont see the point making a sequel aswell.

nothing wrong with jaden latching onto his fathers success. i mean its harder to not be looked at as will smiths son.