First Look at 'Mad Max: Fury Road' With Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

From EW:

Thirty-five years ago, George Miller re-imagined the action movie with his visceral, dystopic 1979 debut Mad Max, starring a 23-year-old Mel Gibson in one of his first movie roles. Flash forward two sequels and many decades later and the 69-year-old Miller returns with a new cast and a story that is sure to take the road chase to an entirely new realm of chaos and carnage.

In an exclusive first look at the the May 2015 film in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, we talk to Miller about what prompted his return to the beloved franchise: a story that popped into his head fully formed back in 2000 but that took more than a decade to realize.

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darklordzor1428d ago

I can't freaking wait for this movie. I love the Mad Max series and have been anxious to see the new film for a while (I swear it's been filming forever). A first look and some new pics would be very welcome indeed.