Lucasfilm Says No Change In Episode VII Release Date Following Ford's Injury

From TFN:

Jedi News heard from "a number of sources" that a meeting was held today at Pinewood Studios in the UK to discuss the possibility of delaying Star Wars Episode VII following Harrison Ford's recent injury.

Lucasfilm would not comment on the extent of the production delays, but a company spokesperson told TFN, "There is no change in the release date."

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darklordzor1487d ago

Here's the problem I had with this initial rumor. The 'source' of the rumor about Harrison Ford being out for 6 months came from The Sun, a freaking tabloid who's sole purpose to post sensationalized article. From there, everyone started adding their own thoughts to it. It's the nature of rumors, they can get out of hand.

I'm sure there was a meeting about Ford's injury. That's likely to happen regardless of how big an injury it was. Anyway, I can't see them delaying the film. Disney is pretty set in their release dates, and I don't see them changing it. If they did, I would expect them to come out and say something fairly quickly.

Crazay1486d ago

Nope. No delay that's for sure. Just work around it

thorstein1486d ago

To add to what you say, it is quite possible to shoot scenes that don't contain Harrison Ford without Harrison Ford being on set.

I think people believe that a movie is shot "in chronological order" and don't realize that not all the actors are just standing around while the filming happens.

darklordzor1486d ago

A very good point as well. Even if he is the "main" character, there's so much other stuff they could/need to film that don't involve him. All it really means is they'll shuffle around how they planned to shoot the film, and do all his stuff last.

Hergula1485d ago

That's exactly why I personally feel that "rumor" articles should not be posted on N4G. They are simple gossip, complete BS and makes people believe in things that are very rarely true...

Garethvk1485d ago

I posted on FB earlier about how films are made and how this is not a big deal. Most films are shot in 6-12 weeks give or take. The rest of the time is used for CGI work, editing, and other tweaks. Any film of size will have reshoots scheduled as since films are shot out of sequence when it is assembled new stuff is often needed. It can be as simple as saying we need a better transition here, perhaps we need to add a scene for this character(s) or something is not working so they decide to change it. They will shoot around him as best they can and if it is say 2-3 months from now when Ford can return, they can film what is needed with him and the needed cast and go on as planned. I am sure all key members of the cast have a provision in their contracts that reshoots will be needed and as such they need to be available. I am also sure that the moment Ford was injured they had a timeline and a backup in place to ensure that all needed cast and crew would be able to be there. Not to be mean but lets look at the facts. Mark, Carrie, and the original cast do not have much aside from the new films and some voice work that will keep them away and the new cast knows how key this film is to their future. If Ford cannot film on this movie he cannot film others so they will wait for him. as they have to.