New Hi-Res Look At 'Shredder' From TMNT


We should have that second full trailer for the Michael Bay produced TMNT reboot officially released soon enough, but ahead of that here's a new still from the movie giving us our best look yet at the villainous Shredder, with the Turtle's sensei Splinter getting ready to take the fight to him.

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vork771493d ago

shredder look like a transformer

darklordzor1492d ago

Man, he looks pretty cool. I think all those extra blades on the hands though, are a little overkill. Still damn awesome looking. I'm hoping the trailer shows him in action.

ironfist921491d ago

I dont see the criticism. He looks goddamn badass and menacing.

His name is "The Shredder" what do you expect?

He was literally inspired by a cheese grater. No joke, look it up.