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Max Lord, Martian Manhunter And Darkseid Could Possibly Be In Zack Snyder's "Justice League" Movie?


With all the Buzz this evening about WB/DC's Plan for the next four years, Jeff Sneider has Tweeted a fascinating hint which we could see an old member of the Justice League included and one of DC's biggest Villains.

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Crazay1494d ago

i wanna see Darkseid far more than Martian Manhunter

Porcelain_Chicken1494d ago

Agreed. Did you ever hear about that "General Swanwick is actually MM in disguise" speculation articles?

My thoughts? The actor portraying Swanwick is perfect for MM. He has the physique, the voice, and the chops.

What do you think?

Anthotis1494d ago

After what the bane of comic book adaptions(David Goyerberg) said about the Martian Manhunter, i don't have much hope of him appearing at all. In fact, it's better that he doesn't, as long as complete morons and screw ups are allowed to continuously drag down DC comics' live action endeavours.

Porcelain_Chicken1494d ago

Lucky for us, it's not entirely up to Goyer!

Hergula1494d ago

Not a fan of rumors...