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'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Early Story Details Revealed

From LR:

With production currently at the halfway point on Avengers: Age Of Ultron, plot details are starting to slowly emerge.

Disney publicist Marshall Weinbaum has twelve outlets visiting the set in Shepperton Studios in England tomorrow for a set visit where journalists will get the first look at the interior of Avengers Tower (formerly known as Stark Tower), maybe some personal living quarters of the Avengers, and the inside hangar bay where the Quinjet is. Those pieces won't publish for another nine months but guess what? Our sources have already seen all that and reported back to me with HOTTER information you can read right below.

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darklordzor1498d ago

IF this turns out to be true, there's some interesting stuff here. Very interesting. Sounds pretty damn cool too. I'd love to see the Avengers actually doing something as a team besides fighting bad guys.

dota2champion1498d ago

Seems interesting? BUt didn't tony stark destroy all his armor and no longer wants to be ironman? Why does he return back to being ironman?

W34KN35S1497d ago

If i had to guess , *SPOILERS*

they'll probably use the Hydra coming back from Captain America :WS to bring him back into iron man again, Im sure he wants revenge for the people who killed his parents.