Top 10 All Time Best Horror Movies

Here is the list of top 10 all time best horror movies so far.

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Alxe1508d ago

sinister .. should be in the list ...

aDDicteD1507d ago

i disagree with the list, i am a horror fan as well, the entries in the article are great horror movies, all of them, however, i think that asian horror films such as; the ring, the grudge, black water, shutter etc. are also great horror films and some of them should be included in a top 10 horror films.

silence of the lambs might be the best movie in the list but it is more inclined in the suspense/thriller category not as a scary film.

nightmare on elm st. is also a great film but i do not remember getting scared when i first saw it.

Alxe1506d ago

agreed with Grudge - All 3 parts are so so so scary and yes it also be in the list.