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'Star Wars Episode 7' Set Photos -- Super-Secret Pics & Spoilers From The Set


Earlier this month in a galaxy far far away, known as Abu Dhabi, JJ Abrams began filming "Star Wars: Episode VII" ... and TMZ has obtained pics from the ultra-secretive set -- including one GIANT creature.

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Crazay1504d ago

There some absolute gems in these pics. It all feels a little surreal that this is ACTUALLY happening.

darklordzor1503d ago

Yes, surreal is the best way to put it. I myself can't believe it's happening right now! These pics look good to, and really looks like the Tatooine I remember from initially watching the films as a kid. I can't wait for the official images to hit.

Crazay1503d ago

What i love the most - PUPPETS! More puppets and less CG. Practical effects always excited me more than computer

JBaby3431503d ago

^Except for the Yoda puppet from Episode I. That thing was super creepy. I was so glad they went CG after that.

GamersHeaven1504d ago

Omg hell yes none of that over used CGI crap this is what I like to see so far looking great.

Anthotis1503d ago

Lookin' good. Glad they're not gonna rely on CGI for everything.