Hugh Jackman Talks About The Death Of Wolverine

CBM: Hugh Jackman talks about the death of wolverine
in the comic book and about reaching
the mark of eight films with the same role.

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Spiewie 1237d ago

But wolverine regenerates xD

GenericNameHere1236d ago

No more Healing Factor in the current comics!! :O

Jackman's still young. A few years younger than RDJ. If he gets replace in X:Men Apocalypse or the X-Force movie, I'd like to see him come back someday in an Old Man Logan movie.

Soldierone1236d ago

Looking forward to this story, wonder how long it will stick? Peter was only gone 2 years.

SilentNegotiator1236d ago

It's sad that comic book deaths (and subsequent resurrections) have become so cliche that we are never shocked and never expect the death to take.