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Total Film | Maleficent Review


If ever there was a vision of Disney perfection made flesh, Angelina Jolie’s cartoonishly beautiful face is it. But with the added CGI augmentation of production designer-turned-director Robert Stromberg’s (Avatar, Alice In Wonderland) stunning visuals, gothically gorgeous costumes and a twinkle in the eye that is half-acting prowess, half-reptilian contact lens, she is truly magnificent to behold.

Yep, Maleficent may be a revisionist raiding of Disney's 1959 larder, giving Sleeping Beauty’s witch both a backstory and motivation for her baby-cursing spell-peddling. But like last year’s Oz: The Great & Powerful, it requires a heartfelt and multi-faceted protagonist (Mila Kunis' Theodora, not James Franco's Oz) to draw more than nippers in – and keep them enchanted.

But this is not just Jolie porn. Screenwriter Linda Woolverton gives both cast and audience something satisfying to chew on in re-vamping a traditionally misogynist fairytale that perpetuates fear of female pu...

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