Godzilla Review - Pulp 365

A tense, clever monster movies that feels slightly too much like two different movies. Made up for, however, by some stunning monster on monster action.

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Cusmar3501512d ago

I've heard really mixed things about this film. I still want to see it though, because it looks really interesting.

coolbeans1510d ago

I came away disappointed tbh. The monster-on-monster action during the end was definately incredible but I was bored for most of the first two acts.

It's strange to say that because I can respect the creative decision to hold off showcasing the CGI tense action, espiecially since it feels more closer to how Jaws was handled than if a design-by-commitee crew got its hands on this. But at the same time, I need to have something that's actually...serviceable throughout that time of holding Godzilla back.