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Remembering Star Trek: The Next Generation's Finale

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

Twenty years ago today, on May 23, 1994, “All Good Things…” the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation “aired.” You might be wondering why aired was quoted; the simplest answer is because TNG was aired in first-run syndication instead of being on a major network in primetime. That meant it aired on different days and times around the country. May 23rd in 1994 fell on a Monday but my local Fox station didn’t play TNG until 6pm on Saturday nights.

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Kurylo3d1516d ago

Ok... so we get an article that is not about the finale or the show at all.. Its about some dumb kid who missed the finale and watched it at 3am a few days later. Great.... time wasted even reading that nonsense. lol Thx for an article that has nothing to do with anything lol.