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Edgar Wright Exits Marvel's ‘Ant-Man'

From The Wrap:

The “Cornetto Trilogy” and “Scott Pilgrim” director and the Disney-owned Marvel Studios announced in a joint statement that he has left the big screen adaptation of “Ant-Man,” which stars Paul Rudd.

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-Foxtrot1516d ago

Whaaaa....oh man I was really looking forward to this. I love Edgar Wrights work.

I wonder what he wanted to to the film which Marvel didn't like or vice versa.

It's too late now but I wished they would change the story a little. I'd rather see Paul Rudd as Hank without the flashbacks and stuff to the past. Hank is much more interesting then Scott

ajax171516d ago

"due to differences in their vision of the film" -- It's Edgar f#@%ing Wright!! Just let him do his own thing, damn it! Epic fail on Disney's part. They'd better bring in an exceptional replacement.