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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review | High Score Reviews

With the Guardians of the Galaxy preparing for their big screen debut, and The Avengers readying their return for 2015, you’d be forgiven for seeing the latest in a long line of X-Men adventures, Days of Future Past, as nothing more than a sad and sorry attempt for the mutants to stay relevant. What was once the crème de la crème of comic book cinema has been mostly butchered by Brett Ratner’s hopelessly inadequate send-off to the original trilogy and a couple of tragic Wolverine flicks, with only Matthew Vaughn’s First Class prequel providing a flicker of light amid the darkness. Days of Future Past’s attempt to bring the franchise full circle through a multitude of stories across two timelines with two casts of characters sure does sound like a recipe for further disaster, and so it’s quite remarkable that it may just turn out to be the film to beat this summer season.

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LittleBlondeTom1514d ago

Great review, I think it;s between this and X2 for the best in the series...