10 Reasons Star Wars: Episode VII May Be Doomed From the Start

Fanboys Anonymous ponders whether or not the new Star Wars film is already doomed to fail by listing several potential problems it faces along the way to success.

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RetrospectRealm1459d ago

Some of the stuff you said I very much disagree with.

10: "Now that the prequels have come out, there's nothing left to hook us." Uh, I'm pretty sure the EU stories of what happened after Episode 6 were among the greatest EU stories ever told. If people loved the original trilogy so much, and we're getting those characters and the 'tone' of those back, I'd say that's enough to hook people in.

6: "No Villains Can Top Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine "There's a rumor Darth Plagueis never actually died or he is resurrected. He was Palpatine's master.

5: "The Lightsaber Battles Can't Get Any Better" What do you mean better? George Lucas said he thought better meant faster in the behind the scenes of Phantom Menace. A lightsaber battle is a lightsaber battle.

3: "The Returning Cast Aren't at Their Peaks" You then asked if we wanted to see Leia in a bikini again. Well, neither of us know the story of the film, so I completely disagree with this one. They're old actors playing old roles. It's perfect.

The one I super agree with though is number 7. The Star Wars Saga is the Rise, Fall, & Redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Continuing the saga but not have it be mainly about him doesn't make sense to me. Unless it's about his descendants, which I assume it is. Then they can say the Saga is about the Skywalker family, not necessarily Anakin.