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X-Men: Are They Still Relevant Today?

Well over 50 years ago, after seeing massive success with comic book characters like Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee, along with celebrated artist and longtime collaborator Jack Kirby, created the X-Men, mutant heroes born with something called the X-gene, which gave them special abilities.

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-Foxtrot1518d ago

I think they are although I really wish they would of rebooted it after Days of Future past with a new cast, I know they've tried to fix the timeline in DOFP but I still think it's gone on too long now. Maybe they could reboot it in the future after the old X-men cast do one or two more movies together as a send off

I would love to see a film based on the original team. Cyclops, Iceman, Jean, Beast and Angel with the appearance of Wolverine then in the future film they bring in Storm, Shadow cat, Night Crawler and Rouge.