Vin Diesel Broke Down After Paul Walker’s Death

After Vin Diesel heard about Paul Walker's death, he flew to California and visited with Walker's mother. While he thought they needed his strength, he actually needed theirs. He broke down in front of Walker's family.

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TricksterArrow1560d ago

"Other half" is not an expression used solely for romantic purposes, much like "two sides of the same coin".

LordDhampire1560d ago

dude besties bro, its bromance

aCasualGamer1560d ago

He always was big on families and keeping those principles intact. It's always tough when those you consider family pass away.

My condolences to Pauls' family.

Nes_Daze1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I watched two of the movies yesterday, still can't believe he's gone...

S2Killinit1560d ago

quite sad that he is gone. cant believe it.

dazzrazz1560d ago

That sounds like a seed for new movie ! Get over it people thousands of children die in Africa every year from various diseases and hunger nobody is crying over them at all...

DarkBlood1560d ago

Sorry to say sir but just using Africa alone is not a complete valid excuse, the problem you pointed out happens around the world.

Yodagamer1560d ago

Um how would you like it if a family member of yours died and someone said "thousands die" to you? He isn't our family, but it doesn't make it any less sad for those effected.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1560d ago

My grandfather was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctor says he isn't doing so well. By your logic, if he passes on I can't mourn for him because of the kids in Africa.

How stupid...

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